Smorgasburg – Williamsburg

Two words: FOOD COMA!

Nobody truly knows about my deep love for food festivals. I have been bugging everyone to go with me to this place. My friend recently went and I have to say, her reassurance at how delicious the food is, makes me want to go even more!
I have seen pictures of different types of food that just astound me. Two of my favorite things, spaghetti and doughnuts. I have seen them all over Instagram and some are saying they look unappetizing, but it is all about the taste that matters and I’m assuming it’ll taste pretty damn good! There are also other booths like a Lumpia Shack, fries, ramen burger, ice cream, nachos, and basically anything you can crave! Their site does not give a complete list of food booths. So, I’m leaving a link here to the yelp page so you can get an idea of the deliciousness I am talking about.
They are only operating on Saturdays from 11-6pm.

Check out this link and hopefully we can all have an  enjoyable day under the sun with all the foods we may crave!


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