Did someone say lobster rolls??!!

I took a weekend trip to Rhode Island a few years ago and had my first lobster roll. That moment changed my life. The second it feels like summer, I begin to crave lobster rolls. For those of you who do not know, a lobster roll is a sandwich consisting of buttered and chilled lobster chunks in something similar to a hot dog bun. It is usually topped with diced celery, scallions, and mayonnaise (probably why I’m obsessed).


Seafood itself, is typically pricey-er than other dishes. So, it is difficult to find places where you can get a lobster roll below $20. Luke’s Lobster is one of the places I have found that offers not only lobster rolls but crab and shrimp rolls! For a little under $20 you can get a plate of all three rolls!


They have multiple locations in the city – find the closest location to you here.


What I like about this place is that it is cheap and delicious! The food is also fresh! On top of that, it is good for those of you who may be on-the-go! The only con I have would be the amount of seating. I went for a late dinner and there was plenty of seating, but due to reviews, if you were to go here during lunch hours you may not get the best of luck finding seating.


Go ahead, give this place a try if you want a quick, fresh, and delicious meal!





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